Beard And Mustache Transplant

      “Kill the boy, Be a Man”

Beard and Mustache looks attract everyone’s attention because of the Manly looks. Not all people are destined to have the perfect Beard and Mustache. Some people have patchy and irregular beard. Beard and mustache transplant allows you to get thick and handsome beard by planting hairs from other parts of the body.

The reasons to get a beard and mustache transplant include,

·         Genetics

·         Surgery

·         Burns or other accidents

·         Laser hair removal

The treatment is very simple and it involves using your own hair to cover up the thinning regions of your beard or mustache. The new hairs taken from back and sides of the scalp is planted by creating an incision. When the incision heals, it allows new hair growth in the region. If the proper care is taken, the hair can be maintained for entire life.