Eyebrow Transplant

“Beautiful Eyebrow is a crown to your eye”

Eyebrow transplant involves a surgery to remove the hair from the other eyebrow or other parts of the body and planting them in the damaged eyebrow. Once the treatment is done, the eyebrow hairs will grow naturally. It is one of the most challenging treatments since a small mistake can completely alter the looks on your face.

Eyebrow transplant is usually done by people who have thinning or absence of hairs in their eyebrows. Some of the causes for imperfect eyebrows are,

·         Genetics

·         Over plucking

·         Physical trauma

·         Chemical trauma

·         Ageing

Eyebrow transplantation is a very dainty and delicate procedure which has to be performed by experts in order to achieve efficient results. The number of hairs to be transplanted will depend upon the level of thinning in the eyebrows.