Localised Fat

Plastic surgeons differentiate LOCALIZED fat deposits from GENERALIZED fat deposits which are seen in obesity. While localized pockets of fat usually respond favorably to Body contouring the generalized distribution of fat seen in obesity is not amenable for Body contouring correction.

Typical localized fat depots are in the neck under the chin, the lower belly and the outer thighs in women, and the love handles in men. They tend to be stubborn to exercise and diet regimens. They may respond biochemically different than other fat areas in the body to insulin’s effect and may be meant for a reservoir in humans in case of starvation episodes. these areas respond nicely to Body contouring normally.

At an individual level, a combination of excessive food energy intake and a lack of physical activityis thought to explain most cases of obesity. A limited number of cases are due primarily to genetics, medical reasons, or psychiatric illness. In contrast, increasing rates of obesity at a societal level are felt to be due to an easily accessible and palatable diet,increased reliance on cars, and mechanized manufacturing.

Most of the extra fat will lie either around your waist and chest (making you ‘apple shaped’) or on your hips and buttocks (making you ‘pear shaped’).

Men who are obese tend to have big waists.

Women tend to carry extra weight on their hips.

Some women become apple shaped, especially after the menopause.

Surgical - Treatment

Liposuction is a technique that helps to remove the fat from the human body which in turn reshapes the body contour. Liposuction can be performed in many regions of the body and fat from that particular region can be efficiently removed.


v  Abdomen

Liposuction in abdomen is the most performed surgery both in men and women. People love to reduce their fat belly and liposuction gives them an easy option. Some of the risky factors in abdomen liposuction are age, sex and weight.


v  Abdomen Sides(Love handles)

Love handles are excess fat stored on the sides of the abdomen or along the waistline. It is very difficult to remove this fat through normal exercise and dieting. Liposuction provides great help in removing this excess fat in a very short period of time.


v  Thighs

Women are more likely to gain lower body fat. Big thighs can be a discomfort since they rub against each other as well as an embarrassment. In order to reduce the thighs, liposuction sucks out the fat from them giving a slim appearance.


v  Buttock

Fat gets stored in buttock because of heredity reasons which is very difficult to remove by diet and exercise. Buttock liposuction sucks the fat between the lower back to the thighs forming a perfect curve to give awesome looks.


v  Arms

Arms liposuction is very popular among women than in men. Fat stored in the arms give you a gigantic look which completely ruins your confidence to wear short sleeves. Arms liposuction helps to remove the excess fate stored in the arm and a thinning appearance to the entire body.


v  Supra Pubic

Supra pubic fat removal involves removing the fat from the pubic region. It is a common condition in males where the supra pubic fat can completely or partially bury the penis which can be restored by this treatment. Women also face similar problems of fat in pubic region due to pregnancy or operations. Liposuction can eliminate the fat in this region efficiently.


v  Mega liposuction

Mega liposuction is a effective treatment for overweight or obese patients. This procedure involves removing a lot of fat (up to 10L) from a person which would drastically change his weight and improve his health condition. At the end of the treatment, the person would obtain a good-looking body contour and significant weight loss.

Liposuction is carried out under anesthesia and a small incision is made in the region where the fat must be removed. Then the excess fat from the region is removed using cannulas while maintaining a very small incision so that less scarring is present at the end of the treatment.